ECO Tire Balancing Beads

 Available in convenient, pre-measured bags.
Sizes 3oz up to 16oz.

ECO Tire Balancing Bucket

Available in bulk 18lb bucket
with 2oz scoop
Part# 18-EBB

ECO XL Balancing Beads

ECO XL, Extra large beads for extreme balancing conditions.
Available in convenient pre-measured bags
Sizes 3oz up to 16oz

ECO XL Balancing Beads Bucket

ECO XL, Extra large beads for extreme balancing conditions.
18lb ECO XL Bucket with 2oz Scoop

ECO Tire and Wheel Mounting Paste

ECO Tire and Tube Mounting Paste
Part #ECO-EP8


The beads are distributed around the tire as it begins to roll, through centrifugal force. As the centrifugal force increases, the heavy spot pulls up and down on the suspension, making the beads move in the opposite direction of the downward and upward motion, through inertia. The beads continue to migrate until the complete wheel assembly is balanced.


To achieve maximum results, it is important to use the proper package size for each tire. As a rule of thumb, the amount of ECO Balance Beads required per tire is based one ounce per thirteen pounds of tire and rim combination. If you are not using an applicator and pouring the contents of the bag directly into the tire it is imperative that none of the contents of the bag ends up on the beadseating area of the tire and rim. If you are using our throw in bags, open & discard outside bag only & throw clear inner bag containing ECO directly inside tire cavity. ECO Balance disclaims any responsibility for air loss or tire damage due to improper installation or air check. In order to reduce the possibility of valve leaks, the use of the provided valve core and metal valve cap is recommended

A complete wheel assembly balanced with EcoBalance will run with reduced rolling resistance. This reduction in rolling resistance means less energy is used to move the vehicle down the road, and therefore improving the vehicle’s fuel economy.

A complete wheel assembly balanced with EcoBalance reduces rolling resistance. This in turn, reduces tire wear. When a tire and complete wheel assembly is properly balanced, it also ensures a more even wear, all of which increases tire life. Increased tire life allows you to use the same tires longer, ultimately saving you money.

Wheel vibrations can wreak havoc on a vehicles suspension and steering parts.  Anything that is vibrating is rubbing up or bumping into something that will eventually wear out because of it. Once you have balanced the wheel assembly completely, with EcoBalance Beads you will find that most things that are attached to it won’t wear out nearly as quickly.

EcoBalance Beads are made of reusable and recyclable 99.9% tempered glass spheres   Our balancing beads are installed inside the tire, where they won’t get knocked off and contaminate the environment like lead weights can.