Counteract vs Competitors When it comes to internal balancing agents (IBA) Counteract know’s that what you put in your tire matters. The forces and atmospheric conditions inside your tire, while the vehicle is in motion, creates a harsh environment for most materials. Counteract is a tested and proven IBA technology. Having been manufactured for over 20 years and perfected for superior performance, to this day it is still the only balancing product proven to improve fuel economy in two seperate SAE J1321/TMC RP – 1102 Type II Fuel Tests. Tests can be found at This video demonstrates just one attribute Counteract represents compared to inferior IBA products that claim to be the same, and perform as well as Counteract. Moisture inside a tire is a common issue, in fact, everytime air is put into a tire it contains moisture. How these products react to moisture affect its overall success as a balancing agent. This is why Counteract has taken extra steps to ensure a quality product that is reliable and guaranteed trouble-free.