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The Dollars and Sense of Tire & Wheel Balancing

The Dollars and Sense of Tire & Wheel Balancingby Jim ParkFleets leave millions of dollars on the table every year by not balancing their tires and wheels. Poor tire and wheel balance can result in uneven tire wear that prematurely consigns thousands...

Featured Off Road Installer

FEATURED INSTALLER "We specialize in truck conversions, wheels, and tires on the F450 and F550 series truck. Our shop is in Hurst Texas and we do business with people all around the world."

New Product Release

Counteract Balancing Beads, manufacturer of the industry’s premium internal tire balancing product, along with the award winning Counteract Stud Cleaning tool is proud to be introduce a new product to its already exciting line up of wheel products. Counteract’s New...

Counteract vs Competitor

Counteract vs Competitors When it comes to internal balancing agents (IBA) Counteract know's that what you put in your tire matters. The forces and atmospheric conditions inside your tire, while the vehicle is in motion, creates a harsh environment for most materials....

A Star is Born

The new Counteract Injection Tool video starring our own Simon Martin is now live and available to view on YouTube. Check it out.