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Counteract Balancing Beads Installation Methods

Throw in Method
"Throw it in" for 4oz applications and up.

“Throw it in” for 4oz applications and up.

 Counteract comes in an outside white plastic package, simply tear open the bag and inside there is a pouch of Counteract in a special thin mil plastic. Simply throw that inner bag inside the tire, once the tire reaches 40 mph the bag will break open and the Counteract will be distributed throughout the tire.

 Each package of Counteract also contains a valve cap and core, make sure you set those aside before throwing in the tire.

* This method is only effective for 4oz applications and up. For smaller applications it it recommended you tear the perforation on the bag and pour the beads in.

*If you are installing Counteract into mud tires, Swamp tires or winter tires that have a more aggressive tread add 2 oz more than the application chart recommends.

Counteract Injection Pump

Don’t feel like breaking the bead? No problem. Counteract offers an injection pump that attaches to your air supply and will pump in the beads in a matter of minutes. Pump design may vary.

Click here to download our detailed instruction sheet on using the Counteract Injection Tool

DIY Applications

For smaller applications, Motorcycles, ATVs

The Counteract DIY kit

The Counteract DIY kit

Step 1) Remove all wheel weights (from rims or spokes) Step 2) Carefully pour the pre-measured bag of beads into the bottle, screw on the cap and clip off the tip of the spout at the mark and place on the clear tube. Step 3) Rotate the wheel so the valve stem is at the bottom (on the rear tire rotate to any lower area most accessible) and remove the valve core with the valve core remover provided. Step 4) Place the tube over the valve stem (if the valve stem is narrow 90 degree, simply pinch the tube onto the valve stem or use a plastic tie strap). Pour ONLY ¼“ to ½ “ of beads down the tube to the valve stem. With the bottle held upright (vertical) so the tube is slightly curved, squeeze the bottle creating a vacuum drawing the beads up and down the tube ushering them through the valve stem freely ( DO NOT POUR MORE Than ½ “ OF BEADS  INTO THE TUBE AT A TIME…IT WILL CLOG). Continue this process until the squeeze bottle is empty of beads. Step 5) Once completed ensure no beads are in the valve stem. Insert the valve core provided into the valve stem and re inflate the tire to the manufactures recommended PSI, install the valve cap provided…and ride. Disclaimer: Counteract disclaims any responsibility for air loss or tire damage due to improper installation. Always wear safety goggles

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