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“I decided to test and evaluate the products first hand, as I do with all technologies I consider incorporating, before implementing within the fleet.  Low and behold, it was no longer than a few miles down the interstate at highway speed and I could immediately feel the steering wheel had stopped shaking and the hop was ‘completely’ gone from the truck.  I was absolutely amazed and I will not run any kind of tires on my fleet without balancing using Counteract Balancing Beads.”

Kevin Rutherford

XM Satellite Radio Trucking Business and Beyond

“Hello Mr. Rutherford. I took your recommendation on tire balancing with Counteract Balance Beads and I wanted to say thank you for bringing this product to my attention. I have heard you talk about it numerous times on your radio show and podcast. I have finally taken the step and it was a damn good one. The balance of my tire/wheel assemblies is superb and the ride quality improvement is amazing.”

Michael W. Upshaw

Counteract Balance Beads Customer

“I purchased the Counteract Balance Beads at the Dallas truck show. I purchased them for my trailer tires as I already had balancers on my truck. I didn’t realize how cheap the beads were compared to the other balancers out there. I love them. They smoothed out the tires and helped make my whole rig ride that much better. Thank you Counteract!”

Jackie W.

Counteract Balance Beads Customer

“I was asked to try COUNTERACT but was very skeptical as to its value with the program we had. The only real issue we were faced with was river wear on our front tires, which is normal with radial tires. We had to rotate our tires about 40,000 to 50,000 miles due to the wear pattern. Since we ran the same type of tires on the rear we just simply moved the fronts to the rear and rear to front. We installed the beads in our front tires. We did not let the driver know anything about what we were doing.
With the use of COUNTERACT Balancing Beads we were able to extend this mileage out to 80,000 or 90,000 miles. It appears the beads helped slow the river wear down. This saved in labor costs by increasing the miles before having to rotate. Also, we save one cycle of rotation. It is from this experience that I would recommend using the beads. We did not see any inside tire damage. We even had some tires repaired and still performed well.”

Roy Gambrell

Director of Maintenance, Truck It, Cottontown, TN

“Counteract is helping break the Monster Truck speed record. We teamed up with War Wizard Racing to help them keep those giant tires balanced at high speeds. “We’ve made several attempts at the world speed record in what we call closed door sessions because our confidence level just wasn’t where we wanted it to be. During those sessions, we kept experiencing a problem with the vibration of the tires and wheels. But when we hooked up with the guys from Counteract, they were quick to make the necessary calculations and send us some Counteract Balancing Beads. And the result was incredible…one pass to heat the tires up and the second pass to break the record. Thanks Counteract”

Randy Moore World's

Fastest Monster Truck

“I had a blowout ply separation on the freeway earlier this month while driving on the freeway with my motorhome. We limped our way to a nearby Walmart store that installed a quick cheap quality replacement which allowed us to get home. With further research I decided to replace all of the aging tires with top quality rubber, replacing also the low quality emergency repair tire. I worked in a tire shop years ago and have learned that balancing is still an art and after all, even electronic balancing is still based on the simple laws of gravity and physics….. an electronic balance machine has a relatively large margin of error….MUCH larger than the old bubble balancing technique in the hands of a skilled technician…. (for proof watch super bike racer crews in the pits, who use static balancing for precision….) 6 new tires were ordered but I was unable to bubble balance my rims/tires on the motorhome because the rims would not fit on my bubble balancer so was reluctantly forced to have an unskilled Walmart newbie attempt electronic balancing…..what a disaster. after balancing, he had wheel weights placed 3/4 of the way around the rim on 3 out of 6 tires. On the remaining 3 tires equal weights were placed on opposite sides of the rim ( which effectively cancels out) His response was “that’s what the computer said it needed!!!!!!” Like Hell !!!!! He didn’t even have a clue what the was actually going on in principal !!!!!!  UNBELIEVABLE shaking was the result !!!! So In looking for an adapter plate for my bubble balancer to fit these rims I luckily talked to a trucker who recommended your product. It took me quite a while to accomplish this, but the wheels all got removed and the balancing beads were installed in all of the tires.
It took less than 5 miles for the beads to follow the laws of physics and accomplish the SMOOTHEST ride I have EVER felt…. Cant believe I never thought of this idea myself…. Thanks to your product I was able to accomplish the perfect balance of my tires…… I will use your product wherever I can in the future !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!.”

Brad Haugo

“I have a 2005 one-ton Ford pickup with a 6-liter power stroke auto transmission. Tires; Cooper size 35x12x50 are mounted on my truck with a 40,000 mile tire life. Prior to putting in the beads I was experiencing a 50 mph tire vibration and tire whine. After installing the beads and removing all of the tire balancing weights from the wheels, the fuel economy improved by 1.8 mpg* (13.6%), the tire vibration and whine was eliminated at all speeds and the tire wear increased.I had originally took my truck in to have one of my tires fixed for a slow leak.  When they checked my mileage, their chart showed that I had 57,000 miles on my tires.  So they checked the tread.  My tires still had 1/3 of their tread left.   Based on my calculation, I will get over 70,000 miles of use on these tires. That is a 75% increase on my tire wear.  These tires cost me $500 a piece. Thank you so much for bringing to my attention the Counteract Balancing Beads.”

Chuck Mortenson

Counteract Balance Beads Customer, National Health Products L.L.C.

“We started as one of the first companies in Russia to use Counteract Balancing Beads. We used them to perform tire balancing from our 24-hour Road Service Truck. At the beginning our customers bought the beads only to try them out. Now, transport companies and their drivers prefer balancing all truck tires with Counteract Balancing Beads.  In particular, national bus transport companies just started using Counteract Balancing Beads and the feedback has been always excellent.”

Die GmbH,

“Harwest” Saratow, Russia

“I think Counteract does the job 100%.  We have over the road truck drivers who come in for it, they’re tickled to death, some call and if we don’t have it they won’t buy the tires, so they believe in it too.  Some of my older customers call and ask for Counteract balancing Beads.  If you haven’t got it they tell you they just can’t buy any tires from you.  We’ve been using Counteract for 7 years.  We’re probably one of the first operations in the area using it. We balance the drive wheels, most over the road crew balance all wheels.  It’s the real deal; it’ll get it done.  It will cap the sale every time.”

Paul Wells

Store Manager, Gateway Tire Starkville #18