Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool

Award winning innovation

The Problem

Recently the government and tire industry have recommended
cleaning all studs with a wire brush. Studs can become rusted
and corroded, cleaning 10 studs with a conventional wire brush
is messy and time consuming.

The Solution

The Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool
allows you to clean 10 studs in 3 minutes or less
using your handheld drill and the provided adapter


Available in 4 different size tools
and 15 different brush sizes.

Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool is manufactured from one (1) single piece of anodized aircraft aluminum, increasing the strength and durability of the tool itself.
The Stud Cleaning tool comes in 4 different models to fit a variety of brush sizes


SBCT 13 is a stud tool designed for use on smaller/automotive applications.

Fits brush sizes SBR12, SBR13, SBR14, SBR16


SBCT 28 is a stud tool designed for use only on 28 mm applications.

Fits brush sizes SBR28


SBCT 22 is a stud tool designed for use in larger commercial truck applications.

Fits brush sizes SBR18, SBR20, and SBR22


SBCT 28-HD is a stud tool designed for use on large OTR applications.

Fits brush sizes SBR28-HD, SBR30, SBR31, SBR32, SBR33, SBR34 and SBR39.6

The New Counteract Hub Hero

Counteract is excited to introduce the new HUB HERO, Quick-Change Hub Cleaning Inserts for the Reifen Award winning Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool.
Cleans surface rust and debris on mating surfaces of wheels, hubs, drums and rims. The aluminum oxide-infused abrasive inserts fit into the existing Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool. Designed to be used with a handheld battery powered drill or the Counteract Low Speed Driver.
Available in 2 sizes to fit  SBCT13 and SBCT22  (automotive up to commercial truck sizes)
It is necessary to clean all threaded and mating surfaces of a wheel assembly to ensure proper clamping force is achieved, adhering to the Tire Industry Association’s R.I.S.T procedures.  Use in conjunction with the Counteract Stud Cleaning tool inserts to aid in proper torque of wheel nuts. Contact your Counteract rep for more details.


The Counteract Stud Cleaning Kit STK-1322
Contains everything you need to clean stud sizes 12-22mm including;

  • SBCT22 (preloaded with SBR22)
  • SBCT13 (preloaded with SBR13)
  • Replacement brushes in sizes; SBR12, SBR13, SBR14, SBR16, SBR18, SBR20 and SBR22
  • Safety goggles
  • ½” Drive adapter and hex key


The New Counteract Non- Impact Air Driver CBB-LSAD
Features low speed (1800rpm), low torque, comfort grip, and variable speed. Designed to be used with the CBB Stud Cleaning tool, the CBB Nut Track as well as many other low-speed applications.

Click here to view video

The Counteract Stud Brush Kit with Air Driver SBCK-AD
Contains everything you need to clean 22mm studs along with our new Low Speed Air Driver

  • CBB-LSAD (low speed air driver)
  • SBCT22 (preloaded with SBR22)
  • One replacement brush SBR22
  • Safety goggles
  • ½” Drive adapter and hex key

Stud Cleaning Tool Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

There are three (3) set screws on each tool that should be tightened once the brush insert is pushed flush inside the metal tool. Insert brush with printed side in. By tightening the set screws, this centers the insert brush in the tool housing. Do not allow the brush to go all the way up inside the tool, it must remain flush with the edge of the tool. By installing the brush in this manner, the holes on the back of the tool head will allow debris to escape from the brush instead of collecting inside the tool.

An adapter is supplied together with each tool, allowing for use with a cordless drill. Brushes may vary slightly in size. Please do not force the brush into the tool or it may be difficult to remove.

The Stud Cleaning Tool works best at slow speeds without forcing tool to bottom of stud, once at bottom of stud stop reverse and spin off at slow speeds as well.

Where can I get it?

Any of our Counteract dealers or distributors are able to source our Stud Brush Cleaning Tool. Click here “Where to buy” to locate someone in your area.