Injection Pump

Injection Pump Method

The Injection Pump Method is suited for any size application. It requires the Counteract Injection Pump, part# CBB-IP and an airline. This is the quickest method and doesn’t require the tire to be dismounted.



Step 1

Make sure valve handle is in the CLOSED position. The handle must be perpendicular to valve. (90 degree angle).

Step 2

Unscrew the silver cap nut and remove the black top plate. Inspect for cracking, chips and damages. Ensure the cap nut thread is free of cross threading and damage.
Note: The black top plate may be under pressure, be cautious and lift
carefully to remove.

Step 3

Open your desired amount of Counteract Balancing Beads and carefully pour them into the clear reservoir. Once you have finished pouring the beads, make sure none are on the edge of the reservoir and that the thread is clear of debris. Proceed to press the black top plate on the pump and secure it with the silver cap nut. Finger tight is all that is needed.

Step 4

Ensure your valve is either at the
12 o’clock or 6 o’clock position. Remove valve core from the tire’s valve stem. Allow tire to deflate to approximately half of its PSI. Do not deflate fully unless the vehicle is supported by jack stands, relieving any pressure from the wheel.
Note: Make sure that the tire cannot unseat from the wheel itself.

Step 5

Rotate the pump so that the reservoir is pointing down (6 o’clock). ensure your valve is in the CLOSED position and connect your airline. When the tire is deflated, connect the chuck to the valve and make sure it is secure.

Step 6

When ready, open the air valve to allow dry air into the tire and then begin to rotate the pump upright slowly. Be sure this is done gradually to allow the beads to easily flow out of the pump and into the tire. Be mindful not to over-inflate during this process. Once all the beads are in the tire, shut off the air valve and remove the chuck.
Note: Be mindful when removing the chuck as air will rush from the tire. If possible, once you close the valve, unhook your airline and open the valve again to clear the hose line. Close the valve and remove the chuck.

Step 7

Install your valve core and torque it to the recommended 4-inch pounds. Over-torquing may damage the core, causing an air leak. Proceed to air the tire up to the recommended PSI for your application.


It is important to ensure you have a water filter on your airline to eliminate moisture entering the injection tool and tire.
Disclaimer: The Counteract Bead Injection Pump is designed to work with approved Counteract products. Our products are designed to be used correctly and with care for the purpose for which they are intended. No liability is accepted by Counteract Balancing Beads Inc. for incorrect use of any of our products. Counteract Balancing Beads Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage to personnel, property or equipment when using the tools. Incorrect use will also invalidate any warranty.


Always wear PPE.
Inspect tool before every use.
Tool is under pressure.
Max 100 PSI

Inspect Tool Before Use  –  Tool Under Pressure       


Always wear eye protection

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