Injection Pump

Injection Pump Method

The Injection Pump Method is suited for any size application. It requires the Counteract Injection Pump, part# CBB-IP and an airline. This is the quickest method and doesn’t require the tire to be dismounted.



Step 1

Make Sure Valve handle is in closed Handle must be perpendicular to valve. (90 degree angle).

Step 2

Unscrew lid and remove clear plastic reservoir. Inspect for cracking, chips, damages. Inspect thread for cross-threading or damages. Ensure O-ring is placed in groove on main portion of tool and is not damaged.

Step 3

Fill clear reservoir with desired amount of Counteract Balancing Beads.

Step 4

Re-attach reservoir to main portion of tool in up-right position. Ensure flat edge of the clear plastic reservoir is clean of dirt and debris. Hand tighten reservoir to main portion of tool.

Step 5

Ensure valve handle is in closed position. Attach airline to the tool.

Step 6

Ensure vehicle is safely jacked or on stands. Position valve-stem at 12 o’clock (top of tire) Remove valve-core from the tire’s valve-stem. Allow tire to deflate to approximately half of it’s PSI. Do not deflate fully.

Step 7

Attach the clip-on air chuck to valve-stem. Keep reservoir in up-right position. Open valve to allow air-flow. As beads are injected into tire, slowly turn reservoir to horizontal position. Continue to turn reservoir until the reservoir is in the 3 o’clock position. Funneling beads into the air path.

Step 8

The air injection should only take 20 seconds to 40 seconds. Ensure feed-line is clear. Remove clip-on chuck. Close air-valve on injection tool.

Step 9

Install valve-core in valve-stem. A filtered valve-core and valve-cap is provided with every bag. Inflate to desired PSI.

Inspect Tool Before Use  –  Tool Under Pressure       


Always wear eye protection

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