Counteract Balancing Beads, the manufacturer of the industry’s premium internal tire balancing product, along with the award-winning Counteract Stud Cleaning tool is proud to introduce a new product to its already exciting line up of wheel products.






What is a Counteract Centering Sleeve?

A Counteract Centering Sleeve is a patent pending wheel centering system that works in conjunction with your OEM style two-piece flange nuts. The unique self-sizing & non-corrosive inserts are made to take-up the gap between the 22mm stud and the 26mm wheel opening, re-aligning the wheel to the TRUE CENTER of the hub bearing.

Each hub piloted wheel uses pilot pads that have tolerances originally intended from the factory, allowing some wheel movement, as well, these pilot pads can wear down overtime causing an offset between the wheel and the hub bearing. Counteract Wheel Centering Sleeves are designed to fill in that gap, providing a truly centered wheel.

Why choose a Counteract Centering Sleeve?

At a fraction of the cost of competitive brands, Counteract Centering Sleeves have proven to not affect clamping force or torque insuring the safety of your wheel end. With use of our sleeves they have proven to counteract runout that can lead to dangerous wheel “clocking” and potential wheel-off conditions.

Counteract Centering Sleeve services all hub-piloted wheels with 22mm studs, including: Steer Wheels, Drive Wheels, Steel Wheels & Aluminum Wheels. Each wheel must use a minimum of 3 sleeves, positions in a triangle formation, however, 5 is always recommended for extra security.

4 different ways
to buy


Individual sleeves.

100 pack Fleet Bucket

Contains 100 sleeves.

1000 Pack Fleet Bucket

Contains 1000 sleeves and a tool.

6 Pack Clamshell

Contains 6 sleeves to center 2 tires.


100% centered


  1. Install tire/wheel assembly completely onto the hub.
  2. Install a minimum of 3 Centering Sleeves per wheel, on opposing studs,
    in the form of a triangle.
  3. Drive sleeves into position, fully engaging the wheel, using 2-piece
    flange nuts, or installation tool.
  4. Lightly torque flange nuts on the same studs the sleeves are installed on.
  5. Install remaining flange nuts, then torque all nuts to spec.

The Self-Sizing Raised Ridges are compromised after initial installation.


Please recycle or dispose of Counteract Centering Sleeves responsibly.

Installation Tool

The Counteract Installation tool is required for installing and removing centering sleeves on inside dual wheels.
*Sold separately.


Fleets, OEM’s & Tire Dealer customers all enjoy increased fuel economy, tire life & safety when utilizing Counteract Wheel Centering Sleeves.  They should be part of every wheel and tire service!

5 Point Installation

For added security and extreme conditions it is recommended to use 5 Centering Sleeves. Aids in preventing Wheel Clocking

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