Counteract FAQs

What Makes Counteract Different?

FAQ-512Counteract is the ONLY balancing product on the market proven to improve fuel economy in two separate S.A.E and TMC type II tests. We were the first to market 100% glass beads for balancing. Don't be fooled by competitive claims, Counteract's technology makes it the most technologically advanced system on the market today.

How much Counteract do I need?

FAQ-512The amount of Counteract needed is determined by the vehicle and the tire size, and in some cases the aggressiveness of the tread. Try our handy calculator to find out exactly what is recommended for your tire.


Does Counteract void tire warranties?

FAQ-512No, Counteract does not void any tire warranties. Due to our advanced technology Counteract does not harm the inside of a tire, once removing Counteract from a tire you would never know it was inside. Warranties are only voided if the internal balancer has caused harm to the interior of the tire carcass, or you can tell that something was installed inside the tire. None of these happen using Counteract.


Can You Put Too Many Balancing Beads in a Tire?

FAQ-512Having too many beads inside the tire in some cases can cause a slight imbalance. This is a concern on smaller tires where there is not as much room in the tire cavity for the beads to evenly spread themselves where they need to be. When there is too much, it can create a "traffic jam" where the excess beads get forced into the wrong balance position creating an imbalance. There is certainly an ideal amount of product to have inside the tires, as directed by our application charts. The smaller the tire, we need to be precise, the larger the tire, such as commercial tires or off-road tires there is much more room to allow for extra product without hindering the performance. We will always recommend referencing from our chart, and we always remind customers to make sure they are referencing the proper chart as we do have specific charts for specific applications.


Is Counteract re-usable?

FAQ-512Yes, Counteract is re-usable. However, you must be careful when re-using the product. When we manufacture our product it goes through a special decontamination and cleansing process. When you re-use it you could lose some beads or contaminate them which could cause the product to not work as effectively. For the price and extended tire life you receive using Counteract it makes sense to put in fresh product.


Is your Truck product the same as the Motorcycle?

FAQ-512No, our truck beads and our motorcycle beads are different. They go through different refining process and are manufactured differently. Motorcycle tires are different then truck tires, so are our beads. If you use the truck beads in a motorcycle we will not honor any warranty claims or support any issues that may arise.


Will the product react to any known materials?

FAQ-512No, Counteract Balancing Beads will not react with any known metal or materials.


Can you balance a tire with Counteract on a tire balance machine?

FAQ-512No. The Counteract Balancing Beads will only move to the balanced position through inertia generated by the out of balance condition of the complete wheel assembly and the up and down motion of the vehicle suspension.


Can I use Counteract Balancing Beads when I have another balancing product installed?

FAQ-512It is not advised to combine other internal balancing agents or balancing rings with Counteract Balancing Beads.  It is recommended that all other types of balancing be removed so as not to hamper Counteract Balancing Beads  from balancing the wheel assembly properly.


I have heard internal balancing heats up the tire? Is this true?

FAQ-512Counteract Balancing Beadshas proven that we allow tires to run 30 degrees cooler than a traditional spin balance, and 60 degrees cooler another popular internal balancer. Counteract actually keeps your tires running cooler, helping eliminate thermal degradation and irregular wear.


Can I use beads in conjunction with weights?

FAQ-512No, you should not combine weights with the use of internal balancers. The reason being is they work against each other. If you have a balance issue, you only need Counteract.

I have a internal tire pressure monitoring system will your beads damage them?


Counteract is fully TPMS compatible when placed inside the tire. It should not be injected through the valve stem if TPMS sensors are attached, as the sensor will obstruct entry. In such cases, the product must be installed when the tire is broken down or being mounted.

I installed the beads, but I still have a vibration?

FAQ-512Counteract is a balancing product. If there is an imbalance with your tires Counteract will remedy the problem. However, no balancing product can fix a bad tire, bent rim or mechanical problem.  If you need help troubleshooting a vibration issue, please feel free to submit this troubleshooting form and we'll contact you to help resolve your issue. Click Here

Can I use Balancing Beads in car tires?

Counteract does not recommend the use of internal balancing products in most automobile tires (the exception being classic cars). For a detailed explanation click here

Will Counteract fix vibrations on a vehicle with a lift kit?

When you put a lift kit on a vehicle, it changes the angle of the driveshaft, rendering the driveshaft itself unbalanced. This can cause the vibrations that are sometimes mistaken for tire balance vibrations. No matter what you do to balance your tires in this situation, it won't eliminate the driveshaft vibration. To learn more, check out this article by 4WheelParts Click here

I used the recommended amount and still have issues, what could be going wrong?

FAQ-512Our application charts are based on a stock vehicle with stock wheels and no modifications. In many cases, when a vehicle is modified it changes the dynamics and drive-ability of that vehicle. In those instances, our recommended amount may, or may not be enough to compensate for the tire imbalances. It is also to be noted that when a vehicle has aftermarket wheels, lift kits or other aftermarket components, there are many more possibilities for vibration that may not be tire balance related. Counteract will balance a tire, wheel and its entire rotating assembly. It will not fix an alignment issue, driveshaft imbalance, or harmonic vibrations from an aggressive tire tread.

Do Counteract Balancing Beads clump due to moisture?

FAQ-512No, Ambient moisture does not affect the product's performance, this is due to our special coating.

Will the product breakdown over time?

FAQ-512Counteract Balancing Beads are made of recycled tempered glass and do not break down when used in tires, the evidence of this is in millions of applications sold since introduction in 1997. Not one case of this problem has ever been reported.

How do I remove the product from the tire?

FAQ-512Counteract Balancing Beads are easy to remove. The simplest way is to use the Counteract Air Powered Bead Vacuum which allows you to quickly vacuum beads out of a tire, avoiding messy spills. Alternatively you can sweep the beads into a pile inside the tire and scoop them out. Always be careful not to spill the beads onto your work surface.

Do you need a valve filter to prevent the valve from clogging?

FAQ-512Valve clogging is not a common problem with Counteract Balancing Beads and is usually the result of dust (we remove all dust at the manufacturing stage). A valve filter may help but can also slow down air flow or become clogged itself by dust, making it difficult to check air pressure. To address this situation the beads are selected by size and put through multiple screening and dusting processes. To reduce the possibility of a valve leak, it is recommended to use a Counteract Valve Core and self sealing valve cap (supplied in every package).

Why not sell bulk pails?

FAQ-512The reason we do not sell bulk pails of Counteract is due to multiple issues. If we have shop users weighing out their own beads and putting them in tires, we cannot guarantee that their scale or scoop is accurate to our required tire size measurements. We package the bags individually for specific tire sizes so that there are no issues.  It allows us to have control over what is being installed into the tire, therefore we will help with any support needed. If you weigh your own, you’re on your own and we are not responsible if anything goes wrong. Also, as mentioned before, our product has a special decontamination and cleaning process, if users weigh out their own they can contaminate the product and cause issues.

Can I use Counteract with tire slime and sealants?

FAQ-512No, Counteract is not compatible with any tire sealant or slime. Do not combine these products.