Counteract For motorcycles


Counteract is the industry’s premium tire balancing product for motorcycles.


Reduce vibrations for a more comfortable ride
Extend tire life
Save fuel
No more lead weights
Balance your wheels for the life of the tire
TPMS Compatible




Can be injected through the valve stem

Wheel weights can fall off

Wheel weights can mar the surface of the wheel

Easy DIY and Dealer Applications Available



When Counteract Balancing Beads are installed inside the tire the specially coated microspheres are distributed throughout the tire through centrifugal force as the wheel rotates. As the force of the out-of-balance spot increases and pulls the suspension in an up and down motion, the inertia causes the beads to move in the opposite direction and rapidly shift until complete wheel assembly is balanced.

How to Install?

Counteract easily can be installed in your tire using several different methods. Visit our installation page to view different methods for installing Counteract in your tires, or view our video here for directions on the DIY method.


Counteract offers several different products to suit your motorcycle wheel needs


For the ride of your life