What is the Best Balancing Method?

Wheel weights vs Counteract balancing beads 


Spin balancing is the most used method for balancing tires. This method involves using a spin balancing machine to find the heavy spot on the tire and wheel. Once the heavy spot is found, either sticky weights or clamp on weights are placed on the opposite side to counteract the heavy spot which eliminates the vibration. Advancement in technology has led to some of the equipment being incredibly accurate and reliable. There are, however, a few downfalls to sticky weights. They do not balance the whole rotating mass in the wheel-end assembly, the balance changes over time and will need to be rebalanced, the weights can come off, and can be visually unappealing on the rim of the tire. Some states have banned the use of lead weights, so different less reliable metals are being used.


  • Accurately locates the heavy spot on the vehicle 
  • Better for lighter passenger vehicles 
  • Increases tire life


  • Needs to be rebalanced periodically 
  • Wheel weights can come off 
  • Visually unappealing  
  • Time consuming installation 
  • Expensive  
  • Not environmentally friendly

Counteract balancing beads are an alternative to spin balancing and wheel weights. This method involves adding our premeasured balancing beads into the tire cavity before mounting the wheel, or by injecting the beads through the valve stem. Once the tire is mounted and the vehicle gets up to speed, the beads balance the rotating mass for the life of the tire. The balancing beads are a superior method of balancing and are currently the only method of balancing that has been proven to improve fuel economy on the TMC Type II fuel test. Unlike spin balancing, the beads will balance the complete wheel assembly and will constantly readjust to keep the tires balanced. The physics of internal tire balancing only works efficiently with stiffer or simple suspension vehicles and ½ ton trucks and up. The only downfall is that the success rate in lighter passenger vehicles is only 75%.


  • Balanced for the life of the tire 
  • Balancing complete rotating mass, not just the tire and rim 
  • Constantly readjusting with new vibration 
  • No need for wheel weights
  • Time saving installation 
  • Can be injected through valve stem 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Proven to improve fuel economy 
  • Increases tire life 


  • Not recommended for passenger vehicles (75% success rate due to suspension) 
  • If improper amount is installed user may need to add more 
  • Soapy water can contaminate the beads 

Counteract Balancing Beads

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