Steer Tire Life Increase of 50% or more by using Counteract Balancing Beads

We have reports of doubling the steer tire life by eliminating uneven wear simply by balancing the complete rotating axle end. With the use of Counteract Balancing Beads, damage to trucks and cargo caused by vibrations are greatly reduced. It’s well known in the trucking industry that unbalanced tires can cut tire life expectancy in half.

Steer Tire Life Increase of
50% or more
Drive Tire Life Increase of
Trailer Tire Life Increase of

The average Owner Operator will save $3,915 or more per year just by using Counteract Balancing Beads.

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Counteract Balancing Beads

Our goal is to change the way the world looks at tire balancing and open up an entirely new avenue
for transport businesses to gain greater control over increasing fuel and equipment costs.

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