Importance of Understanding Tire Speed Ratings for Safe Driving

May 9, 2023 | Technical

The speed rating on tires serves as an indicator of the optimal speed range for a tire to perform efficiently. Disregarding the speed rating can result in hazardous consequences, including overheating, premature tire wear, belt separation, increased tire pressure, and even a tire blowout. These dangers not only put the driver and passengers at risk but also threaten the safety of other road users. The speed rating system employs an alphabetical scale, with lower letters corresponding to higher speed ratings. For instance, mud terrain and all-terrain tires usually have lower speed ratings, such as E and F, which limit them to speeds between 40-50mph. These tires are engineered for off-road traction, not for highway cruising. To select the right tire, check the alphabetical code following the tire size, which indicates the approved speed range. The chart below provides a quick reference for tire speed ratings.


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