Benefits Of Tire Balancing Beads Over Wheel Weights

Methods of Tire Balancing

There are five different methods available for tire balancing, with wheel weight balancing being the most widely recognized. In this technique, the tire is placed on a spin balancer, and the machine guides the technician on where to attach the appropriate amount of weight to the tire using either sticky or clip-on weights. The second most common method involves placing a selected material inside the tire, which utilizes centrifugal force and road vibrations to distribute the material to the opposite end of the heavy spot. Each of these balance types has three key differences: accuracy, lifetime, and benefits. 

Spin balancing requires removing the wheel from the vehicle and placing it on a spin balancer. It can be argued that spin balancing is one of the best ways to achieve tire and wheel balance, assuming the spin balancer is properly calibrated. However, an issue arises when the wheel is reattached to the wheel assembly. The wheel-end assembly contains several rotating components, such as the hub, spindle, bearings, and fasteners, which are not accounted for by the spin balancer. Even a slight heavy spot at high speeds can result in vibrations. On the other hand, balancing beads migrate within the wheel end due to vibrations, effectively balancing the entire wheel-end assembly. 

Drivers often have their tires spin balanced periodically throughout the tire’s lifespan, especially if they frequently travel on rough roads. The problem is that the tire’s imbalance can change during the driving cycle, rendering the current wheel weight position obsolete. In worse cases, wheel weights can fall off due to bumps, speed, or heat. Having an internal tire balancing agent that constantly readjusts inside the tire ensures that the beads will never be lost during transit and will continuously maintain balance for the tire, wheel, and other rotating parts. 

Counteract Balancing Beads Provide Long-Lasting Benefits over Wheel Weights

Both wheel weights and balancing beads have their place in the market, with Counteract even recommending spin balancing for smaller passenger vehicle tires. However, an important aspect to consider is the long-term performance and maintenance. The materials used to make wheel weights can rust over time, potentially compromising their effectiveness and requiring frequent replacement. On the other hand, balancing beads remain intact until intentionally removed, providing a durable and reliable solution for tire balance. Whether you’re dealing with commercial truck tires, off-road vehicles, light pickups, motorcycles, RVs, classic cars, ATVs/UTVs, or trailers, balancing beads offer a superior choice for achieving optimal tire balance. Say goodbye to concerns about weights falling off or rust affecting the balancing process and experience the long-lasting benefits of balancing beads for improved tire performance. 

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