Understanding Tire Vibrations at Highway Speeds

Jul 17, 2023 | Technical, Tire Balancing

Tire Vibrations at Highway Speeds: Causes, Detection, and Resolution

Typically, vibrations felt at highway speeds are a good indicator of an out-of-balance tire. If the vibrations occur at highway speeds within a range, usually around 55-65 mph, and dissipate by either slowing down or speeding up, then it is best to assume that your tires are out of balance. Usually, it is only one tire causing the vibrations, and you can isolate it by noting if the vibration is coming from the steering wheel or the seat.

If the vibration is felt in the steering wheel, it indicates that one of the steer tires is out of balance. If it is felt in the seat, it indicates that one of the rear tires is out of balance. These vibrations at high speeds are thought to occur when the RPM of the out-of-balance tire matches the natural up and down rebound frequency of the suspension. The two forces work together, creating an exaggerated vibration within a certain speed range. If you speed up or slow down, the frequencies are decoupled, and the ride becomes relatively smooth again.

Factors Influencing Tire Vibrations: Tire Size, Tread Design, and Speed-Related Symptoms

These vibrations occur more commonly in larger tires and aggressive tread designs, such as mud terrain tires. If the vibration is felt at lower speeds and worsens with higher speeds, it could be due to various factors, such as an out-of-round tire, improper tire seating, a defective tire, or some other mechanical issue unrelated to the tire.

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