Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Aug 28, 2023 | Technical, Tire Balancing

By exploring the benefits of preventive maintenance, you’ll find that regularly performing maintenance tasks helps prevent unforeseen failures in the future. Consider a multimillion-dollar mining operation that grinds to a halt due to machinery part failure that could have been prevented by a simple lubrication addition. Every minute the machine is down it costs the company valuable money. When considering the cost of repairs and the extra work needed to catch up on delayed production, the company might experience significant financial losses. That’s why companies in the Off-The-Road (OTR) industry spend a lot of money upfront to avoid these problems. Investing $100,000 initially could actually save them $1,000,000 later on.

Application Across Industries

This principle also holds true in the trucking industry. A breakdown results in expenses related to downtime, repairs, operational time, delays, and even potential customer loss. These costs can be much higher than the money spent on fixing things before they break or replacing parts ahead of time. Unfortunately, most people will only apply this concept after a significant failure.

Tire Maintenance: A Cornerstone of Preventive Practices

Tires play a significant role in the benefits of preventive maintenance for fleets, being at the top of the list for the most common causes of truck breakdowns. Considering that trucks typically have around 18 tires, covering long distances, and facing various challenges from road conditions, temperature changes, and the possibility of punctures, it’s easy to see just how prone they are to experiencing failures. While improper inflation frequently triggers tire blowouts, other tire failures may stem from overloading, overheating, improper torque or hub cleaning, brake-related issues, or punctures.

Enhancing Tire Longevity and Safety

To effectively manage tire maintenance, regular inspections before each trip, with a strong emphasis on tire inflation, can significantly enhance safety. Keeping your tires balanced and hub-centric can reduce heat and maintain a more uniform tire pressure, as well as reduce wear and tear on other wheel-end mechanical parts.

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