What Grease to Use on a 5th Wheel?

Choosing the Right Grease:

There exists a multitude of greases used in various industries, ranging from automotive to manufacturing, mining, and construction. While these greases share a common purpose, their effectiveness varies based on factors such as viscosity, temperature resistance, durability, and stability. Selecting the appropriate grease for your application is crucial to achieving the desired results. For example, calcium grease exhibits excellent water resistance but undergoes structural changes at high temperatures, making it suitable for marine purposes.

5th Wheel Grease:

The fifth-wheel plays a pivotal role in connecting a trailer to a tractor, enabling synchronized turning. The flat mating surfaces of these components generate substantial pressure and heat due to friction during turns. To facilitate smooth movement on the road and prevent damage to critical components like the top plate, locking mechanism, trailer kingpin, and uneven wear on steer tires, a layer of grease is applied between these surfaces.

Counteract’s Superior Grease:

Counteract has developed a top-tier fifth-wheel grease to alleviate concerns about fifth-wheel lubrication. Engineered with graphite to withstand high temperatures, cargo pressure, resist runoff in various weather conditions, non-flammable, and equipped with rust and corrosion inhibitors, our grease outlasts competing products. Our grease is conveniently packaged in 2oz burst packets for an easy clean application or in convenient sealable 8oz squeeze tubes which are an excellent option for not only fifth-wheels, but for traditional trailer balls, hitches and attachments.

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