How Does Moisture Affect Internal Tire Balancers?

Moisture naturally infiltrates tires during the air compression process. Unless the compressor undergoes regular maintenance, it’s safe to assume that the interior of your tire will be consistently wet. The real peril arises when there’s a patch or plug inside the tire, exposing the metal cords and structure to moisture. This exposure can lead to corrosion, gradually compromising the tire’s integrity. Recognizing this risk, reputable auto shops often incorporate a water filter into the compressor line to counteract potential damage.

Balancing Act: Moisture’s Role in Imbalance

In the realm of internal balancing, moisture can wreak havoc by causing certain materials to clump and harden. This not only results in a more significant imbalance but also poses a potential threat to the tire liner. This issue is particularly common with granular or abrasive sand-like products. In contrast, spherical beads are less prone to clumping due to moisture, but they may readjust less promptly, leading to short-term vibrations.

Counteracting Moisture for Optimal Performance

Counteract, a leading solution in tire balancing, takes proactive steps to address moisture-related concerns. By applying a moisture-resistant coating to the beads and meticulously eliminating all dust and impurities during the packaging process, they ensure that you receive the best internal balancer on the market. This commitment to quality guarantees that every time you inflate your tires, you can do so with confidence, free from the worry of unexpected vibrations.

Counteract Balancing Beads

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