Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Balancing Beads on the Internet

1. Do balancing beads actually work?

Balancing beads are proven and the most effective form of tire balancing when specific conditions are met. They are designed to work on vehicle that present a stiff, or simple suspension, which is essential in positioning the beads as quickly as possible. This is why internal tire balancers are best suited for Motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, Classic Vehicles, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, and any vehicle presenting a half-ton ton suspension or greater. Internal tire balancing products are not recommended for use in small passenger cars, this is because of the soft front suspension which can force the products to balance intermittently.

2. Can you use too many balancing beads in a tire?

Yes, to a certain point there is a sweet spot on the amount of beads being used. In most cases, you are best to error on the side of a little more, then too little, however, excessive beads can induce vibrations, and this optimal range varies depending on tire size. Larger tires can accommodate more beads, while smaller tires require a more precise balance. When it comes to vehicles such as a motorcycle, having the exact recommended amount is essential to achieve the best result. It is always recommended to follow the proper application chart for your application.

3. How long does it take for balancing beads to work in tires?

The inside bag containing the beads will rupture after a few rotations at higher speeds, allowing the beads to promptly find their balanced position. As a best practice, we recommend achieving highway speeds where vibrations from an out-of-balance tire typically occur. In some cases, it can take up to 20 miles for a bag to fully break apart, albeit uncommon. Stop and go traffic after the initial install is usually all that is needed to break the bag apart. If you install the product with the Counteract Injection Pump, or by pouring the beads into the tire, you can avoid this unlikely situation all together, however, it is always best to place the inside bag into the tire when being mounted.

4. Which balancing beads are the best?

Counteract represents a scientifically validated method for effectively balancing tires. The unique properties and compounds of our glass beads have demonstrated the ability to reduce tire operating temperatures, prevent moisture clumping, and withstand heat fluctuations without breaking down inside the tire. Notably, Counteract, is the only balancing method proven to reduce fuel consumption in two independently run SAE J1321/TMC RP-1102 Type II Fuel Tests. With this, Counteract, provides significant increase in tire tread life and casing retread ability, with some reports indicating a doubling of tire life.

5. What are the drawbacks of balancing beads?

The drawbacks of balancing beads are few, ultimately the only limitation being the use of these products in small passenger cars. Counteract, being the largest and most diverse manufacturer has only been able to achieve roughly a 75% success rate in small lighter passenger vehicles. This is a result of the softer front-end suspension. Optimal results are observed in stiffer or simple suspension vehicles, including Motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, Classic Vehicles, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, and any vehicle presenting a half-ton ton suspension or greater.

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