Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Balancing Beads on the Internet: Part 4

16. Do balancing beads damage TPMS?

Counteract Balancing Beads does not damage, interfere or harm TPMS/TMS systems. Concerns regarding these systems would be focused around liquid tire balancing products and granular/powder like products. These products can contain small shards or dust particles that may lead to the diaphragm of TPMS systems becoming clogged or damaged hindering their functionality.

17. Can you use balancing beads and wheel weights together?

Yes, although it is unnecessary. Counteract has been tested for balancing tires without wheel weights, and that’s where the benefits are evident. Some select customers choose to balance their tires with wheel weights and then add balancing beads for additional benefits, typically in off-road tire applications with larger imbalances. This step adds labor and is unnecessary, although it is simple enough to remove the wheel weights after adding the beads.

18. How often should wheels be balanced?

With wheel weights, it is suggested to rebalance your tires every 12,000 miles. With Counteract, you never need to rebalance, as the beads will automatically readjust with any new vibration.

19. Can you put balancing beads in a tube?

Yes, Counteract works in tube-type tires. The beads need to be installed through the valve stem, or one of our pre-balanced motorcycle tubes can be purchased.

Counteract Motorcycle Ready-Balance Tubes

20. Do balancing beads stop shaking?

Yes, if it is an out-of-balance tire that causes the shaking. Shaking can be caused by out-of-round tires, loose lug nuts, improper tire seating, damaged wheels, out-of-alignment suspension, or non-centric mounting. It is important to note the proper methods of diagnosing while identifying what is causing the shake.

Counteract Balancing Beads

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