New 2024 Counteract Products!

Counteract is thrilled to announce the launch of three cutting-edge product lines designed to exceed customers’ expectations: Counteract Wheel-Pro, Wheel Totes, and Tire Mark-All Crayons. Each product offers a comprehensive solution for wheel maintenance and safety, catering to both automotive and commercial needs.

Revolutionize Wheel Cleaning with Counteract’s Snap-Tech Wheel Pro

Counteract’s innovative Wheel Pro & Wheel Pro XL offer a convenient and ergonomic solution for cleaning studs and hubs. Featuring interchangeable snap-tech brushes in various sizes, these tools simplify installation and removal, significantly reducing cleaning time. The ½” impact-rated tool boasts an aluminum iodized body, ensuring durability for aggressive shop use. Every mechanic shop should equip itself with this tool to uphold the RIST procedure effectively. Visit our WHEEL PRO page for more details.


Safeguard Your Tires with Wheel Totes

Counteract Wheel Totes provide a protective storage system for your tires, ensuring their longevity. Available in two sizes—12” to 20” and 20“ to 31”—these totes are easy to apply and crafted from high-quality materials, capable of withstanding harsh environments. Additionally, optional wheel felt covers are available for purchase, minimizing the risk of rim damage. Visit our WHEEL TOTES page for more details.


Efficient Tire Marking with Tire Mark-All Crayons

Professionals can rely on Counteract’s Tire Mark-All crayons for precise tire marking. Lead-free and available in 12-pack, 20-pack, and 50-pack assortments, these crayons offer excellent visibility across various surfaces and weather conditions. Whether facing blistering summers or freezing winters, these crayons deliver consistent performance. Visit our TIRE MARK-ALL page for more details.


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