Tire Storage Solutions

The Importance of Winter Tires in Northern Climates

Winter tires may seem unfamiliar to some individuals residing in regions with minimal snowfall, but for many North American drivers, they are an essential part of safe winter driving. When snow blankets the roads, standard summer tires simply fail to provide adequate traction. This necessitates a seasonal visit to the tire shop for a tire swap.

Tire Storage Solutions for Convenience

Most tire shops offer a convenient tire storage service, allowing customers to store their unused tires during the off-season. Typically, this involves storing summer tires in the winter and vice versa, for a small fee. Not only does this service protect tires from damage or theft, but it also spares customers the hassle of handling heavy, soiled tires themselves.

Enhanced Protection with Wheel Totes

Wheel totes provide an extra layer of protection against various external elements by encasing tires in a durable shell. Crafted from materials designed to withstand UV rays, rain, rust, dust, and debris, these totes safeguard tires year-round. Moreover, they facilitate easy labeling and identification, even indicating the tire’s original wheel position. With handles designed to ease lifting and shield operators from dirt and grime, wheel totes offer both practicality and cleanliness.


Safeguard Your Investment with Counteract Wheel Totes

In light of the increasing costs associated with tires and wheels, it’s crucial to safeguard your investment. Counteract wheel totes not only protect your tires but also ensure they remain in optimal condition for longer, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

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