Why Balancing Beads Are Better for Off Road Terrain Tires

When you’re out tackling tough terrain with your all-terrain or mud-terrain tires, you need them to stay balanced. However, using a regular spin balancer can be a real pain. Not only is there a risk of losing wheel weights, but debris such as mud or rocks can become lodged in the tire tread or rim, potentially leading to the loss of tread lugs. All of these factors contribute to difficulties in maintaining tire balance.

A simple solution to all of these issues is using balancing beads to balance your off-road tires, rather than spin balancing. Balancing beads are a tire balancing method that is installed inside the tire and works through centrifugal force/inertia. This means that the beads will be constantly adjusting for the changing balance needs throughout that tire’s life. Whether a lug is damaged or mud becomes lodged in the tread, the beads automatically adapt to maintain optimal balance.

Counteract Tire Balancing DIY Kit M for ATVs & UTVs

Balancing beads are becoming more and more popular among off-road enthusiasts, thanks to Counteract’s easy-to-use Off-Road DIY Kits. With a range of DIY kits available, enthusiasts can install balancing beads independently, eliminating the need for a tire shop visit.

For further information and access to our off-road tire application chart, please refer to our resources here:
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Counteract Balancing Beads

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