How Counteract Balancing Beads Interact with Different Tire Speed Ratings

A common question we receive is how Counteract Balancing Beads are affected by, and how they affect, tires with different speed ratings.

Understanding Speed Ratings

To better understand this, we must first look at what speed ratings are. Originally developed in Germany, speed ratings measure the top speed capacity of a tire, allowing us to better match them to a vehicle and its capabilities. Given Germany’s famous Autobahn, you can imagine the need for such a classification system. Its usefulness has led to the worldwide adoption of these classifications, bringing us to where we are today.

The Effect of Speed Ratings on Counteract Balancing Beads

The simple and best answer is that there is no effect. Much like any wheel weight balancing system, Counteract Balancing Beads do not need to be calibrated to your tire’s speed rating, nor do you need tires with a higher or lower speed rating to use our product. Counteract Balancing Beads move with the natural rotation of your tire and are forced to the outside by centrifugal force as you speed up. The speed rating on these tires has no effect on the physics of rotation, and thus nothing needs to be changed when using Counteract Balancing Beads.

The only concern that should be correlated with speed ratings is the integrity of the tire after it’s been used past the speed ratings for prolonged periods of time.

Counteract Balancing Beads

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