Drag Racing Tires and Balancing Beads

It is becoming increasingly commonplace that a growing number of drag racing enthusiasts are turning to advanced wheel balancing solutions such as Counteract Balancing Beads to optimize tire performance on the track. Many racers are starting to express the advantages of internal balancing over conventional wheel weights. A few key points include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. If you are not using bead locks and tend to have your tire slip on the rim, using balancing beads will mitigate the unbalanced issue you will face for the next ΒΌ mile, as the beads are able to constantly and immediately adjust for the change in balance and speed. Additionally, this means that the beads will keep your tires balanced at whatever speed you may reach on a run.

2. You do not have to worry about losing a wheel weight during a run. As the beads are inside the tire, you will be sure to have balanced wheels the entire run. If the beads end up outside the tire during a run, you have much larger issues at hand.

3. The ease of use and accuracy compared to spin balancing with regular wheel weights reduce downtime. Everyone knows that balancing a tire with wheel weights is a tedious and time-consuming process. Installing balancing beads takes just a few minutes more than mounting the tire on the rim, and you can ensure that the beads will accurately balance the tires using centrifugal force and inertia.

One thing that Counteract recommends if you are planning to use balancing beads in your drag racing setup is that you do not use the throw-in bag method of installation. As the acceleration of drag cars can be very quick, we want the beads to already be loose in the tire before setting off to ensure the quickest balance possible. You can pour the beads into the tire during the mounting process or install them through the valve stem after mounting the tire.

In response to increased demand, Counteract has recently developed a Drag Racing Tire Application Chart. If your tire size or type is not on this chart, reach out to us on the live chat on our website or contact@counteractbalancing.com for a recommendation and to facilitate future updates in the chart.

Click the link below for the Counteract Drag Racing Application Chart:
Drag Tires Application Chart

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